9 — City

Release date: December 2015
Editors: GDD, LDZ, AG, GP
Contributors and titles:
Alain Vonck "Fragment Nomata"
Aurore Le Bourdon "La ville attaquée"
Jasmine Deporta "Naturally Urban"
Wonky Monky "Disrespecting in line for the ATM"
Carla Bertin "La Bestia Umana"
Francesco Delrosso "milan, tokyo, amsterdam, sydney, new york, every place is the same"
Coccodrilli dal cilindro "Addiolatte"
Tyler Spangler, "Tropical City"
Partners: Chloe Anderson, Nina Kurose
Abstract: CONDO #9 proposes different reflexions on the City as one of the most complex systems that the human beings could create. It is difficult to find common rules because of the different elements that make of any City a system uniquely characterised. Every—lived, remembered, planned or future—City, like La Faute-sur-Mer, Cotonou, Addiolatte, Brasilia or New York, holds different anthropological purposes, visions and feelings specific to everyone despite of the homogenisation of their graphic representation.
Keywords: city, system, urban, network, power, settlements, human need, deconstruction, resilience, nature, street art, anthropology, street view, map, representation, buildings, fictional city, tropical, planned cities.

8 — Language

Release date: July 2015
Editors: GDD, LDZ, AG, GP
Contributors and titles:
Marcos Martìnen “The language”
Julian Zhara “Scatta la notte nel condominio”
Dessislava Terzieva “If I could put it in words, I wouldn’t find myself here”
Ilaria Marengo “Teaching my plant the WIFI password”
Riyo Nemeth “Same meanings”
Partners: Chloe Anderson, Nina Kurose
Abstract: Language as agreement, as vehicle of a way of thinking and seeing the world, but, above all, as simple or complex system, created by symbols having a common meaning. In CONDO #8 graphics, poetry, geometrics and photography discuss in order to investigate the multiplicity of language, the complexity of its structure and aim, highlighting his limits and potentialities, but, above all, underlining its absurdity.
Keywords: city, system, urban, network, power, settlements, human need, deconstruction, resilience, nature, street art, anthropology, street view, map, representation, buildings, fictional city, tropical, planned cities.

7 — Body

Release date: October 2014
Editors: GDD, LDZ, AG, GP
Contributors and titles:
Enrico Ferrarini “Il Corpo”
Vasya Kolotusha “Folds”
Darkum Neik “Sole di stagno su Gehenna”
Christo Viola “Hen's shoot down”, “Drunk green”
Silvia Alberghina “Conservazione e trattamento post-mortem dei corpi umani
nell’archeologia della morte”
Mattia Balsamini “Reuben”
Marta Corato “Esco dal mio corpo”
Rona Binay “Pas de mots pas de son”
Partners: Chloe Anderson, Nina Kurose
Abstract: With relation to disease, degeneration, death or decomposition, exploitation or anthropological perception, torture or dismemberment, the body seams to be a perfect system -- a fascinating and mysterious mechanism in ongoing mutation, perpetually running towards his own regeneration, end and dissolution. Condo #7 makes a picture of the body in its most brutal sides: with no elevation or nobility, what we show you in this issue is imperfection. We show you the twisted nature of the human being and the creepy poetry behind this system.
Keywords: body, human, skin, sculpture, death, future, imperfection

6 — You won the lottery

Release date: October 2014
Editors: GDD, LDZ, AG, GP
Contributors and titles:
Federico Antonini "The new billionaire"
Luca Buonaguidi "Tautologies of luck"
Studio Cheste "The smorfia"
Giovanni Collot "Stories about chance and politics"
Andrea Passador "The possible dimention"
Bérénice Troeira "One chance in a million. And it happened to me"
Partners: Chloe Anderson, Nina Kurose
Abstract: Luck, gamble, chance, fate, possibility, trepidation, destiny, euphoria, incredulity, unhappiness. CONDO in the sixth issue wanted to bring together all these factors: Lyndon Johnson's piece of fucking good luck, Bashar Al- Assad and Papa Francesco I to the satirical reinterpretation of the Cavaliere's life; from illustrated story, from "La liste de mes envies", to dreams and their numerology; from being kissed by luck to winning a real salary from a scratch-card. At the end, in DIGEST, a lucky charm encyclopaedia is presented and the results of Soundpark CONDO's lottery are shown.
Keywords: lottery, luck, winning, smorfia, billionaire, chance, money, symbols

5 — Island

Release date: June 2014
Pages: 104
Editors: GDD, LDZ, AG, GP
Contributors and titles: Collettivo SBAM! "Maravillia"
Clelia Colantonio "Five"
Donato Faruolo "Regulars"
Caterina Panesi "Isola-tion"
Federica Romani "How to isolate"
Partners: Chloe Anderson, Nina Kurose, Filippo Zago
Abstract: Insular, insulate, insulation, peninsula, peninsular, insulate, insulator, insulation, solitude, isolate, isolated, isolating, isolation, isolationism, isolative, isolator, peninsulate.
Paradise or prison? The theme of the island is, and will continue to be, controversial since everybody can interpret it in their own way. In this issue, the topic is faced with a metaphorical point of view: the castaway on an island in the fight for survival; the isolation of the landscape from the human figure in photography; the shelters that "protect" us every day from reality; and architecture captured by aerial pictures. But the topic was faced in a realistic point of view too, since some contributors decided to talk about real islands such as Corsica and Sicily, which have controversial historical and anthropological characteristics. At the end of the issue there is DIGEST, which contains the editors' intervention. The team focused their attention on only one piece about fictional islands to allow you to travel with your imagination. The editors included diagrams to summarize characteristics, positions and stories hidden behind 15 imaginary islands.
Keywords: island, isolation, Maravilla, Sicily, Corsica, family photos, Fictional Island, Jurassic Park, illustrations

4 — Failure

Release date: January 2014
Pages: 92
Editors: GDD, LDZ, AG, GP
Contributors and titles:
Elena Bejor "Failure: change"
Leonardo De Marchi "Can't speak to Johnny"
Ailung Huang "Highway hunting"
Zaira Malzonič "Trilogia di Wallstreet"
Francesco Plazzotta "Anabasis and katabasis of failure"
Angela Ruzzoni "Real failure is not being aware of ruin"
Partners: Chloe Anderson
Abstract: Failure 1. (mass noun) lack of success: an economic policy that is doomed to failure (count noun) an unsuccessful person or thing: bad weather had resulted in crop failures 2. the neglect or omission of expected or required action: their failure to comply with the basic rules (count noun) a lack or deficiency of a desirable quality: a failure of imagination 4.the action or state of not functioning: symptoms of heart failure. CONDO, in its fourth issue tried to understand if failure is always something negative. In this issue the contributors talked about co-housing projects, a Pietrangeli film, street animal victims and about the singer and poet, Nino Ferrer. Furthermore, you are going to observe the story of John and to discover something new about Wall Street. One of the things emerging from these stories is how failures usually bring with them also innovation and they are themselves the result of creative attempts. Moreover, starting from this issue two new editors joined the team, Gabriella De Domenico and Alessandra Giro and CONDO decided to show its own point of view on the topics with a insert named DIGEST.
Keywords: Failure, Wall Street, Highway, Animals, Johnny, Nino Ferrer, Asburgic Empire, Social Housing, Erich Fromm, Adriana, Films

3 — Metanarrative

Release date: October 2013
Pages: 60
Editors: LDZ, GP
Contributors and titles:
Mattia De Marco "Sul metacinema e sul rapporto tra chi narra e chi guarda"
Alessandra Giro "Da Le mille e una notte a Regina di fiori e di perle. Nuove prospettive della metanarrazione?"
Adam Hutchinson + Masaki Miwa "To pee or not to pee"
Francesca Occhi "Liaison"
Diana Sbabo "Se una notte d'inverno un viaggiatore"
Abstract: The term "metanarrative" is referred to in different fields: literally "meta" means beyond. In literary contexts, it could be intended as a stylistic tool, used by the author to make the composition's structure explicit. Also, it could mean "metafiction", that is a novel within another novel (i.e. Cervantes' Don Chisciotte, 'If on a winter's night a traveller' by Italo Calvino and 'The late Mattia Pascal' by Luigi Pirandello). This method is also used in cinematography (i.e. 'Day for night ' by Truffaut or 'Stardust Memories' by Allen) and theatre productions (in Plauto and Aristofane works, or in 'Hamlet' by Shakespeare). Furthermore, we could associate ideologies such as Christianity and Marxism to kinds of metanarration. As Stephens stated, they are "global or totalizing cultural narrative schema which order and explain knowledge and experience".
In this issue, you will read about metafiction in cinema and television from F.R.I.E.N.D.S to New girl and Fellini; in photography with the connections between people; in literature with new propositions in migration literature in Italy. Last but not least you can enjoy illustrations of 'If on a winter's night a traveler' by Italo Calvino.
Keywords: Metanarrative, pee, Fims, tv series, migration, literature, family photos, fellini, nashville, illustrations, bride

2 — Migrations

Release date: March 2013
Pages: 80
Editors: LDZ, GP
Contributors and titles:
Miriam Busch "Hercules in New York"
Gabriella De Domenico "Migrant ways"
Jessica Mazzotti "Brodo di pollo"
Janna Seiter "No border/no nation"
Giacomo Streliotto "To escape"
Igor Vasconcelos "#Emigro"
Abstract: With the second issue Condo wanted to investigate the meaning of migration. Animals make their migratory journeys regularly and periodically, along well-defined routes that are usually unchanged over years. For human beings things are quite different: migrations are often driven by trends for some, or by the hope to find a better quality of life for others. In contrast to this trend, there are also those who emigrate from megalopolis chaos to the countryside, or to far and isolated places.
In this issue you can read about escape, homesickness, political and cultural issues linked to migration, borders, Arnold Schwarznegger and feelings about migration.
Keywords: Migrations, Colonialism, Escape, Boarders, Nations, Schwarznegger, Chicken Soup, Italy

1 — The day before the end of the world

Release date: December 2012
Pages: 104
Editors: GDD, LDZ
Contributors and titles:
Giacomo Bagni "Caw Life, Waw Life"
Cosimo Bizzarri "See you tomorrow?"
Dana Dijkgraaf "An apparent rainbow situation"
Francesco Toselli "Stress kit"
Olga Tranchini "Pierino or the man who swallows a pill, picks up his friends and takes them to the beach where they have a lot of fun"
Abstract: 20th December 2012. This is supposed to be the last day of our lives. It's a countdown. For someone it really is the last day, for others it is a day like any other. Superstition, speculation, fear, curiosity, indifference.
In this first issue you can find reflection on the mystery of creation, an imaginary end, a funny illustrated story, the resistance of life on earth and a way to calm yourself down.
Keywords: end, maya, world, dream, apocalypse, panic, illustrations, creation, calm down