Condo is for
It is an empty
space to fill.


CONDO is an online, triannual home printable magazine. CONDO was founded in 2012 by Lucia Del Zotto and Giovanni Pamio; in 2013 Gabriella De Domenico and Alessandra Giro joined the team. CONDO is nowhere, it doesn't have a seat nor a registered address.

It is not a regular magazine, it has a different approach based on the complete contributors' freedom. CONDO, as the word says, works more or less like a condominium: our apartments are A5 pages, and the editors ask different people to live in one for a while. Every issue has a topic that the editors chose.
The apartment occupants, or authors, coming from different disciplines (writing, literature, photography, illustration, geography, the art of beating around the bush, music, sports, etc.), can face the topic in any way they want to. No editorial transformations on contributions, no limits on content or form of expression.
The contributors are only asked to respect the A5 format and the deadline. We are interested above all in creating a magazine without any control on contributions, we like taking the risk of the unknown final result and enjoying unexpected solutions.

CONDO aims to be a meeting point between different disciplines. An independent and free place, a space to fill. A place for storytelling where different methods confront each other. In CONDO every kind of expression is free. It is a place to find something and someone new. It is a plain page, a chance to experiment. A collective point of view.


Gabriella De Domenico

After studing International and diplomatic science in Gorizia and Comparative Local Development and International Relations in Trento, she relocated in Berlin to work for an anti-mafia organization. She is a traveler, she lived in Gorizia, Munich, Trent, Budapest and Berlin. She won a scholarship sponsored by Google and she is currently based in Pordenone working with SMEs and the World Wide Web.

Lucia Del Zotto

After her graduation in editorial design Lucia moved to New York to work for different design firms such as Sagmeister&Walsh and Pentagram. Driven by the passion for editorial design, she works as art director for Brutal Magazine. After almost two years in the City, she eventually returned back to the roots and she is now based in her home town Pordenone, a small city in the North-East of Italy.

Alessandra Giro

Alessandra is currently an Italian literature PHD student at Paul Valéry University in Montpellier. Previously she traveled around the world ending up in the Réunion island in the Indian Ocean. She loved this environment so much that she decided to move to another island: Corsica. Here she taught Italian to noisy kids. After those experiences she finally moved back to mainland.

Giovanni Pamio

Giovanni graduated in editorial design at ISIA Urbino. He had the chance to work in several cities (Lisbon, Porto, London and New York) for such studios as Äbåke and Pentagram. For him working and traveling at the same time is definitely the best way to learn and grow not only as graphic designer but as a person, as well. He is a miniature monuments collector with the aim of building an utopian city.



Chloe Anderson

Nina Kurose

Filippo Zago

Web Designer

Mattia Gobbi